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The safety report serves to prove that the product complies with the Cosmetics Regulation in terms of its composition and is safe for human health. It is a document based on various information about the raw materials, the finished product and its application.
The safety report is required by law for every cosmetic product that comes on the market. This also applies to soaps, completely natural products, very simple body oils or bath products. The legislator does not allow any exceptions.
For the the evaluation of safety also the composition and quality of the raw materials is important, a so-called raw material recipe is needed. The recipe must specify which raw material contains what percentage in the finished product. The recipe should always add up to 100%. The unit of all information must be in percent (%) or in exceptional cases - but then for the complete recipe - in grams (g)or milliliters (ml).


For the safety evaluation of a secondary product, which differs only minimally from the original recipe (3 INCIs), we offer a reduced price.

For a safety report of a recipe with more than 40 INCIs we gladly make you an individual offer.

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The following documents are required for the safety report:

final product

- recipe
- if applicable, product label and advertising material
- in the case of the use of plant planks (e.g. petals), the result of the microbiological examination of the plant parts or of the final product
- information on durability, if applicable, information on stability (for example, results of storage tests)
- Sales and complaint statistics on serious and adverse effects

documents of the raw materials

- Safety data sheets (supplier, toxicological data and identification of raw materials), if applicable product data sheets (specification of composition or preconservation, information on nanoparticles) and specifications and / or analyzes of raw materials (information on physical-chemical and microbiological purity).
- for vegetable raw materials, the production process of the raw material
- For perfume oils, a safety assessment for the oil from the supplier (including the name of the supplier, article number, intended use, amount of undevel solvent used)
- for all fabrics, list of allergenic ingredients (including article number)

packing material

- Supplier's declaration of suitability as a food or cosmetic packaging or, in the case of food packaging packaging, a complete product label (must contain the glass administration symbol).

Requests for missing documents will be charged at an hourly rate of 125 € / net according to the time required.

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