cosmetics: Product information file

In accordance to the Cosmetics Regulation, the distributor of a cosmetic product must prepare a product information file for the cosmetic products.

The product information file includes the following data:

- Security Report

- All information about the responsible person, relevant manufacturers and suppliers

- Description of the manufacturing method

Information about the ingredients:

- Safety data sheets, microbiological examinations and, if necessary, certificates of analysis

- INCI declaration, for perfume oil IFRA certificates

- if applicable, toxicological profiles of the raw materials from the manufacturer

Information about the final product

- clear description of the cosmetic product (product type, appearance, physical form, recipe and article numbers)

- microbiological stress tests

- Proof of the advertised effectiveness

- documents for the packaging

- kGMP certificate (declaration of compliance with good manufacturing practice)

- CPNP notification

The product information file must be available until 10 years after the last placing on the market

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