Weender analysis

The so called "Weender" analysis determine the mixture of feed rough. It was developed in 1864 at the farming laboratory in Weender which is a part of Göttingen. It is still used today.

The usual method to analyse the nutrition  of feed is called the Weender Analysis. It analyses the concentration of water, raw protein, raw fat, raw fibre. This data is used to calculate the energy of the feed. Raw protein is a mixture of amide, free amino acids and pure protein. Raw fat is a mixture of triglyceride, phosphatide, waxes, chlorophyll, carotinoins and etheric oils. Raw fiber is a mixture of cellulose, lignin, cutin, hemicellulose and ribose. 

What are the next steps?

You order the analysis with a click on "analyze" and send us your sample. We will analyse the sample and e-mail you the analysis report including a judgement and recommendation.

analysis general food analysis
amount of sample 400 g
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