GMO-1-Screening in food and feed

This test is suitable for the detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in all kinds of food. The analysis is suitable for qualitative detection. The change in the genetic material has different reasons. The aim is, for example, to produce tolerance to pesticides, insects, stress or other influences. European legislation allows the use of some GMO crops and prohibits others. Moreover, there are labeling thresholds at which the product must be labeled if it contains more GMOs. To make matters worse, that authorizations in Europe is different from those in other parts of the world. So it can happen that the plants are allowed in the USA or Asia but not in Europe. Therefore, an analysis of contain GMOs is important.

If this analysis is positive for GMOs it could be necessary to do an identification (FGMO3) and a quantification (FGMO4) afterwards.

Sample size: seeds: 10 TKG, as Soybean 2kg, Flaxseed: 40g; All other samples: 200-500g

analysis GMO
amount of sample 1000 g
Laboratory Genetic ID (Europe) GmbH
method Real Time PCR

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