mycotoxin Deoxyvalenol (DON)-sensitive

analysis: mycotoxins

Deoxyvalenol (DON) is often found in rainy years on cereals and it develops from the mold fusarium. It is created in the seed due to an infection of the spike. Because the fusarium mold needs a lot of water, it develops in the field and stops growing after the harvest when the cereal is dry. It can only develop again in some special cases such as in beer mash. The toxin is heat resistant and will not be destroyed during the baking process. At the moment not all the damage DON can cause in humans is clear. It has been found to cause vomitting, diaroeha and a refusal to eat in animals.

analysis mycotoxins
amount of sample 50 g
Laboratory aokin AG
method Fluoreszenz Polarisations Immunoassay (FPIA)

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