Fipronil and metabolits in food

analysis: pesticides

Analysis of Fipronil and metabolites in food

Fipronil is a contact poison and works against ectoparasites, like mites, fleas, lice, ticks.  In veterinary medicine, the drug is actually used for pets, such as dogs and cats. Fipronil will be absorbed by insects from the outer skeleton and then prevents certain metabolic processes in the insect organism. An application for food-producing animals is not permitted.

Fipronil, Fipronil-desulfinyl, Fipronil-sulfid  and Fipronil-Sulfone will be analyzed. (LOQ 0,002 mg/kg each)

TAT: 3 days (express 1 day with extra charge possible)

What are the next steps?

You order the analysis with a click on "analyze" and send us your sample. We analyse and will send you back the analysis report including a judgement.


analysis pesticides
Laboratory PiCA GmbH
method GC/MS/MS
reference method GC/MS/MS

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