MOSH/MOAH in food or material

analysis: organic contaminants

If you use cartons made of recycled material, the mineral hydrocarbons of the newspaper can get into the cardboard boxes used for food. It is also possible for the mineral hydrocarbons to move from the box into the food. Another source of these molecules are jute bags contaminated during the harvest or contaminated machines during the manufacturing process. The number of mineral hydrocarbon substances is so big that single compounds are not analysed, only groups of compounds. Usually a difference is made between mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons MOSH, mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbions MOHA and poleolefin oligemeric saturated hydrocarbons POSH. From the toxicological point of view, some of the substances can accumulate in the body and can harm the organs. Experts cannot rule out the possibility that some molecules of the MOAH fraction may cause cancer.

What are the next steps?

You order the analysis with a click on "analyze" and send us your sample. We will analyse the sample and e-mail you the analysis report including a judgement and recommendation.

analysis organic contaminants
amount of sample 200 g
Laboratory PiCA GmbH
method GC-FID nach Extraktion und Kieselgelfraktionierung

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