Dioxins in solid matter (sediments, mudd) freezdrying

analysis: Dioxins
In general, dioxins are a group of similarly structured substances consisting of 75 polychlorinated dibenzo-para-dioxins (PCDD) and 135 polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDF). They arise in combustion processes in the presence of chlorine. Measured compounds are selected for the whole group. Dioxins are carcinogenic.

homogenisation, Soxhlet extraction with toluene/acetone, multi-step chromatographic clean-up, HRGC/HRMS or GC/MS-MS analysis; Quantification via 13C-labelled internal standards (isotope dilution)

sample preparation: freezdrying, this test is suitable for water rich sample


Annex 2, Measurements PCDD / F: 100/1000 / 10,000 ng I-TEQ / kg TM;

Σ 6 DIN PCB: 0,2 - 40 mg / kg TM, sample preparation: freez drying,

Sample quantity: approx. 20 g of dry material or 20 g equivalent of moist material,

Preferred vessels: glass bottles, aluminum vessels, also PE bags or PE containers for dry materials

analysis Dioxins
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