tap water and well water - heavy metals: Pb, Cd, Cu, Ni

analysis: anorganic contaminants

Lead, cadmium , copper , nickel are the heavy metals which are most often found in drinking water.
Lead pipes were commonly used until the mid-70s for water pipes in buildings. Today copper pipes and galvanized steel pipes are often used. Lead, cadmium, zinc and copper can migrate from the pipes into the water. Nickel is in the fixtures and the connectors between fixtures and pipes and can diffuse from there into the water.

What are the next steps?

You order the analysis with a click on "analyze" and send us your sample. We will analyse the sample and e-mail you the analysis report including a judgement and recommendation.

analysis anorganic contaminants
amount of sample 40ml
Laboratory accreditated Partner
method ICP-MS

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