material and wood: Formaldehyd

analysis: organic contaminants

Formaldehyde could be present in our living space. This could happen because formaldehyde has been used for paints, chipboard and other building materials. Formaldehyde is used in the production of plastic and in the wood industry, so it can also be found in toys for children. Less of it is used in toys made of solid wood than those made of small wooden parts. Formaldehyde can cause respiratory problems and headaches. A concentration of formaldehyde that is too high can cause an irritation of mucosa and it can cause cancer.

It is also used for textiles. Formaldehyd ensures wrinkle-free clothing.

What are the next steps?

You order the analysis with a click on "analyze" and send us your sample. We will analyse the sample and e-mail you the analysis report including a judgement and recommendation.

analysis organic contaminants
amount of sample 100 g
Laboratory PiCA GmbH
method LA-GC-011.01

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