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If you do gardening or are getting a new one, you usually know nothing about the quality of the soil.  And a good harvest with healthy food is only possible if the quality of the soil is good. The quality of the soil depends on various factors such as the concentration of minerals and the concentration of pollution.


The soil must be free of all pesticides, heavy metals and other environmental contaminants. Possible reasons for soil pollution are industrial pollutants, intensive farming and waste disposal near the garden. The problem is that these harmful substances can be found in the soil many years after the cause has disappeared. So it can be difficult to establish where the contamination comes from in the nearby surroundings.


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There must be an optimal concentration of minerals in the soil to get the best possible harvest, so farmers analyse their fields regularly. Private, hobby gardeners seldom have their gardens analysed. Plants can only grow properly when all the needed nutrients are present. If one element is missing in the soil, the harvest will be poorer. You may think that “more is better” is the best strategy, but if there are too many minerals this can harm the plant. The roots may not be able to absorb water anymore.

Analysis of soil: Phosphor, Magnesium, Kalium, ph-Wert


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The other important source of contamination in your garden and the food you produce is the water. If you are using your own well, the water should be checked for different chemicals like heavy metals, pesticides, veterinary drugs and other substances depending on the possible sources of contamination in your neighbourhood. If well water is also used for drinking, further analyses such as microbiological tests might be necessary to minimize the risk from dangerous bacteria. My-lab International supports you with background information and offers you the possibility to order your own do-it-yourself analyses. My-lab assists you in selecting appropriate tests for each substance, helps you to interpret the results of the analyses and draw final conclusions.


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