Pollutants in everyday life

Analytical services

Mylab Laboranalysen für Unternehmen


Foodstuffs, animal feed, soils, pond water, artificial materials, clothing, cosmetics, toys – all of these things are regulated and required to meet certain quality standards. My-lab International has assembled the most important information you need to know about chemical analysis.

Here information is presented about analyses in the following fields:

All my food:

Here you can find everything from allergy analyses to mycotoxins to additives.

My house:

Do you want to buy a flat or a house. Do you have questions about contaminants? The following is a selection of useful analyses.

My flat:

Here we examine questions about the analysis of things like mold in the walls, contaminants in the furniture and rugs, softeners in cooking utensils or lead in the coffee maker.

My baby, my child:

Whether it is a question of childrens’ toys or of insecticide in wool clothing, you will find the tests you need here.

My hobby, my garden:

We analyse everything in your garden from the soil to the things you grow in it and the animals you keep.