my-lab for laboratories

We invite all laboratories as customers in the my-lab WEB shop, we also invite all laboratories as contractors in the my-lab WEB shop.

L2L – laboratory Services for laboratories

With competitive conditions

Laboratories buy external laboratory services only if they can get it at a price which allows them to compensate their costs and to realize their margin. my-lab therefore offers analytical services to laboratories at special “colleague” prices and simultaneously calculates with less work and effort for customer support because the laboratory itself should have the competence to give advice and consultancy about the bought analysis to its final customer.

With online access to analytical tests and packages

Very often laboratories need to complete their services buying external analysis. In such a situation information about price, analysis time, method and sensitivity are very important. At the my-lab WEB shop these data are directly available. In addition the my-lab WEB shop offers intelligent search functions to find adequate tests or even test combinations. with online Access to the current status of each running analysis. The status information system of the my-lab WEB shop is unique. Each ordering laboratory can follow each analytical step for each analysed sample. The lab can directly forward this information to its final customer. The contract laboratories of the my-lab Network have to feed the my-lab database with each change of status. my-lab itself assists the laboratories to setup such a logging system and supplies IT modules and know how.

With online access to analysis results and reports

Analysis results unblocked by the producing laboratory as well as analysis reports and certificates can directly be accessed at the my-lab WEB shop by authorized persons. In addition analysis results can be exported via .csv files. my-lab supplies IT support and software modules to setup a direct bridge between LIMS and the my-lab database so that this connection can be realized with minimal effort. my-lab defines special demands for its network contractors.

Competence and experience

The laboratories of the my-lab network are specialists in their business and well accepted in corresponding scientific circles. With their innovations they react immediately on the changing requests of the market and their customers. They always spend significant resources in method development, process optimization and education of their stuff. accreditation and certification. The laboratories of the my-lab network are accredited and/or certified. They force themselve to work and analyze according the rules of an independently approved Quality Management System.