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Weichmacher in Kunststoffen

15. June 2023

softener – information, analysis, sources

Man kann sie in Kinderspielzeug aus Plastik, Kunststoffverpackungen, Dichtungsmaterial, Buntstiften, Schminkartikeln, Freizeitartikeln oder auch Lacken finden. Im Prinzip überall da, wo Kunststoff geschmeidig gemacht und elastisch gehalten werden sollen. Aktuell ist das Di-n-hexyl-Phthalat (DnHexP) und das daraus entstehende Abbauprodukt Mono-n-hexyl-Phthalat (MnHexP) besonders in der Diskussion. Das nordrhein-westfälische Landesamtes für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz (LANUV) hattet den Weichmacher und das Abbauprodukt im Herbst 2023 in Kinderurin nachgewiesen. 

16. April 2022

It’s time for the garden!

Home-grown fruits and vegetables should be rich in vitamins and free of harmful substances. One problem, however, is that environmental toxins and pollutants can neither be seen nor tasted in the soil or well water. The entry routes and possible pollutants are diverse.

food labeling

5. April 2021

Kennzeichnung von Lebensmitteln – unser Service für Food Startups

Incorrect labeling is the most common reason for food producers to receive warnings from food inspection authorities. Correct labeling is an important part of marketability. my-lab international offers the compilation of the legally relevant points based on the recipe and the checking of the labels.

5. February 2020

Wie startet man ein FoodStartup?

21. January 2020

Entsorgung von Dachpappe


7. January 2020

my-lab Qualitätszertifikat – Ein starker Qualitätsnachweis.

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With my-lab International we offer you the opportunity to order laboratory analyzes.

The investigations include pollutant analyzes in food, in materials in the home, in the soil, in water, in clothing and textiles, in Spielzeugen, in cosmetic products and around pets. You will also find analyzes of the ingredients of food.

The examinations are carried out by accredited special laboratories. These are independent and owner-managed.

Our service is particularly interesting for commercial customers. In the business customer area, business customers can find special tariffs and thus receive affordable, reliable proof of the quality of their products.