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The analyses were compiled by my-lab International especially for private customers. Should you not find the desired laboratory analysis for your problem in our shop, you may contact us by phone or e-mail. We’re always happy to help out.

This shop is for business clients. You can find all analyses you need for your daily quality assurance in our online shop. We arrange a network of highly qualified laboratories for you. Each lab is a specialist in its own department and meets the quality standards of my-lab International.

This shop is for laboratories. It’s goal is to support each other and sell analysis with a high quality and a fair price among themselves. We developed a network of laboratories which are specialized in their department. With us you have the possibility to choose the analysis you need as an addition to your own portfolio. In the end you will be able to supply an all around service to your clients.

Search now for a substance or CAS-Number and we find the corresponding analysis for you:

my-lab blog: new articles

Food Labeling – A service of my-lab International

Food labeling provides the consumer with valuable information on a product Incorrect labeling is the most common reason for food producers to receive a written warning from food monitoring authorities. The correct label is an important part of marketability. my-lab international is able to compile a list of legally relevant issues based on the recipe […]

Textil-Labels und der “Grüne Knopf” – Kriterien für die Rückstandskontrolle

Mit der Einführung des Textillabels “Grüner Knopf” des Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung im September 2019 sind die Themen “Textilien – Nachhaltigkeit, Produktionsbedingungen und Schadstoffe” wieder in den Focus der Öffentlichkeit gerückt. Wir von my-lab International interessieren uns natürlich für die biochemischen und chemischen Kriterien. Hier können wir als Labornetzwerk den Produzenten, Importeuren, Händlern, […]

Spring is here! Is your garden healthy?

If the plant is healthy, humans and animals are happy. What belongs to a healthy plant? Rich in vitamins and free of harmful substances would definitely be a good thing. Unfortunately, home-grown fruit and vegetables are not always free of harmful substances. Industrial plants and intensive agriculture in the immediate vicinity or even the uncritical […]

Superfoods – the highly gifted foods

New foods and curiosity about them are very much in vogue in this country. Currently, Germany has put it in second place worldwide for the most innovative product launches. 1st place is undisputedly the USA and the third place is followed by Great Britain and Canada. When is a food a superfood? An official, legally […]

How to start a food startup

As an Entrepreneur in the area of ​​food and nutritional supplements, many different challenges have to be overcome. The usual topics of a startup, such as business plan, financing etc .. have to be solved. In addition, there are the industry-specific issues and we gladly support you with answering these questions. Special questions of a […]

Pollutants in baby food

Pollutants get into baby food in different ways Baby food is one of the most highly controlled foods. Baby food manufacturers have installed a chain of control over all production steps and levels. Starting with the farmer with the control of animal feed, fertilizers and seeds; continuing with the analysis of raw materials such as […]

my-lab International

with my-lab International we offer you the possibility to order laboratory analyses .

The analyses cover the detection of contaminants and ingredients

The analyses are executed by certified laboratories which are specialists in their department, independent and driven by their owner.

For business customers my-lab International offers special conditions and is a reliable partner for the chemical and biochemical quality control.

Laboratories are invited to enter the my-lab network and to offer their own analytical services via the my-lab web platform. As a laboratory customer they can extend their portfolio by ordering additional analysis at

Our blog supplies information about contaminants and their sources. We give hints on how to check the related products or how to find alternative products.

The „food blog“ Blog is a complementary to the food analyses. We pick up recent themes and supply information about contaminants and ingredients and how to analyze them in food.

The „baby & child“ blog covers all areas of the good health of our little ones. Clothes, toys and food containing harmful chemicals are always an issue, although we have a strong control of residue limits.

Having checked the quality of the water and the soil in the garden makes it much easier to enjoy the grown fruits and vegetables. Within the „garden blog“ my-lab International supplies information about contaminants and nutrients related to the garden.

In our flats we have a lot of materials like paintings, floors and furniture emitting dangerous chemicals. The blog “my flat” gives hints how to identify these emission sources.