Changing table cover

What should be considered when setting up a changing table? In this list we summarize in 7 points what you should pay attention to.

Tip number 1 Safety when winding

Few babies like to lie still. It must in any case prevent the child from falling off the changing table. Usually a changing table has a border that prevents the worst, but it is still better not to leave the baby alone on the table.

Ideally, the changing table is set up in such a way that it is not necessary to leave the table at all, so that a fall can never occur. This is the most important point of all.

Tip number 2 Storage space for the most important utensils

Very important for the changing table is a device that allows you to store the most important utensils in such a way that you can access them during the winding process without having to leave the place. Not only is it easier and more convenient to have everything within easy reach, it is also safer because you never have to leave your baby unattended on the changing table.

The following utensils should fit on your changing table:

    • diapers
    • diapers
    • Baby nail scissors

toothbrush from the 1st tooth

toothbrush from the 1st tooth

  • Baby brush
  • Damp wipes
  • skin cream
  • Wound- and healing ointment
  • Towels and dry towels
  • Toys for distraction
  • Sun protection cream in summer
  • Eventual medication

Tip number 3 The matching changing mat

The size of the changing mat should be selected so that it is smaller than the entire changing table. This means that there is still some space on the sides of the changing table so that the most important utensils (diapers, moist cream, healing ointment) can be kept handy and thus the permanent presence minimizes the risk of falling.

If the changing mat has additional head and side protection, the risk of accident and injury is reduced once more.
Of course, the material is also important. It must be free of PVC, as the plasticizers (also known as “phthalates”) contained in it can dissolve and be harmful to the child. Therefore, when buying, make sure that the changing mat is marked PP or PE.

There is no need for a fabric cover, and the changing mat should not have any cracks – these are much harder to clean and therefore only cause unnecessary additional work.

If you save on the changing mat, you save at the wrong end. Poor-quality products are not tear-resistant and must be replaced soon, as cracks in the surface can cause rubbish to penetrate into the changing mat and thus lead to microbiological stress for you and your child. Therefore it is better to invest in a higher-quality product.

Tip number 4 The correct height of the changing table

The correct height of the changing table is very important – not so much for the baby itself, but for the backs of the parents. A straight posture should be adopted when wrapping. Frequent bending down can lead to severe back problems in the long run.

In general, the height of the changing mat should be about the same as the belly. If Mom and Dad are of different sizes, the height should be adjusted to the person who is likely to change the nappies more often. With balanced use you can also buy the higher version and additionally buy a step, which you can move in front of the changing table if necessary.

Alternatively, there are changing tables with rail systems that can be adjusted in height and height-adjustable changing boards that can be fixed to the wall.

Tip number 5 A diaper bucket for used diapers

It is a good idea to place a diaper pail near the changing table, which can be easily operated with just one hand and is airtight. This avoids unpleasant odours.

Tip number 6 The correct position in space

There are a few things to bear in mind when placing a changing unit. It should not stand directly at a window or next to a door, as the baby can get a draft and catch cold here.

Another factor is solar radiation. Especially if the room window is facing south, you should make sure that the changing unit is not exactly in the sunshine. Although you can darken the sun with curtains or a roller blind, it is best to plan for solar radiation right from the start.

Especially for the cold winter months, it is also advisable to have the changing unit near a heater. It is also possible to install a special radiant heater above the changing table, whereby it is essential to ensure correct installation.

Tip number 7 Distraction for the baby

Not every baby keeps still with joy at all times when it is to be wrapped. Sometimes they trample, fight and cry. To avoid this unpleasant situation, the changing table should be provided with sufficient distraction possibilities.

You can serve the baby with toys and hang a mobile over the changing unit, which ideally plays a calming song and distracts the baby.

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