Land analysis - 6 things to look out for when buying land

Buying a piece of land wants to be well-considered. A prior detailed examination is indispensable, which is why we explain here 6 important points which you should consider when buying a new property.

The most important tips for buying a house

Tip number 1 Financial aspects of the property

The most natural first. Of course, you should first make a price comparison before buying a plot of land. However, the pure square metre price is not the only thing to consider, but also whether there is a positive or negative development in value for the property and thus also for the property built on it. In addition, construction financing via borrowed funds should also include a worst case scenario. Contracts are always drawn up and signed by the notary.

Tip number 2 The location of the property

haus an straßeThe value of the property naturally depends to a very large extent on the location. If you don’t have a problem living off the gun, then you can save a lot of money by buying land a little further away from the conurbations.

In general one should consider for the everyday life:

    • How is the transport connection (possibly constant traffic jams, public transport)

In children: are kindergartens and schools nearby? But also not directly next door because of the noise

    • In dogs: are there suitable ways to walk around?

Are the neighbours at least halfway sympathetic?

    • How far is it to the workplace?
    • Which doctors are nearby?
    • What shopping opportunities does the environment offer?

What leisure activities are offered in the area? (swimming pools, lakes, hiking trails, theatres, cinemas, gyms etc.)

Are there other sources of noise pollution in the immediate vicinity (power stations, factories, etc.)

It is a good idea to visit the property both on weekends and during the week. This gives you a very good feeling for the noise level and atmosphere of the area. It should be easier to decide whether you feel comfortable here.

A brief conversation with the residents can of course also be very illuminating. You can not only assess them, but you can also find out about possible trouble in the region.

Tip number 3 Legal regulations of the property

If you want to build a house, you should contact the relevant building authority or land registry office before purchasing the property, request an extract from the land register and ask whether a development plan is available for the selected property. The development plan can define very precisely what kind of houses can be built there – and if the permitted buildings contradict your own taste in the house, then it would be very annoying to have bought this property. The extracts from the land register are automatically checked for freedom from encumbrances by the notary before the contract is concluded.

Tip number 4 Sun and shade

Sonne und SchattenWho considers building a house and plans a garden, must also think about the solar radiation. Armed with a compass, you should check carefully whether any tall buildings or trees shield the sun, and all you need to do on the property is lead a shadowy existence. It should be borne in mind that the sun is higher in summer than in winter.

Whether you want sun in your garden at all is also an important question. For playing children it is certainly good if there are also shade places available, but if you want to grow tomatoes, you need the sun for a good harvest.

Ideally you have both: a shady area to hold up, and a sunny area for sunbathing and growing fruit and vegetables.

Tip number 5 Technical

Another important point is the technical conditions of the property. These include things like DVB-T (or DVB T2) coverage if you want to watch TV with a conventional antenna, or just whether the use of a satellite dish may be blocked by a tall building or trees.

In addition, you should check your mobile phone coverage, because it would be a pity if you suddenly could no longer use your mobile phone or smartphone from your new home.

The coverage of the Internet can also be of great importance. A DSL connection should be possible everywhere, but the maximum bandwidths vary a lot. So if you want to stream movies and series in FullHD or even 4K more often, or if you often have large downloads, you should be sure to have a sufficiently fast line available.

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Tip number 6 nature of the soil

If you are planning to plant a garden in which fruit or vegetables are to be cultivated or in which children are to frolic, you should make sure that the quality of the soil is also perfect with regard to possible pollutants. Here a conversation between the potential buyer and the owner often helps to obtain information about possible contaminated sites.

Possible contaminants are so-called PAHs – this stands for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These occur, for example, during incomplete combustion in industry, but are also a natural component of crude oil and tar.

Possible reasons for Dioxins or PAH residues may be:

something was burnt on the property, for example car tires or painted wood

the property was used industrially

garbage was deposited on the property

The problem with PAH and Dioxins is that they have an extremely high half-life. Therefore, they are still detectable many years later.

The same applies to old wood preservatives. It is enough that once an overhead line ran over the property and the wooden pole was treated with an old wood preservative. These substances are also only degraded very slowly by nature.

A property analysis is therefore always extremely useful from a health point of view if there is no information on the history of the property.

We are happy to advise you on questions concerning harmful substances:

most important analysis:

my-lab analysis: wood: wood protection agens

wood: wood protection agens


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Dioxins in solid matter (soil, sediments, compost)


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