Meine Kosmetik und Pflege

There are many cosmetics that contain dangerous contaminants.

Here on we provide the unique opportunity for you to order an analytical service right for your favorite product.

Carnival / Halloween make-up, what to consider

Halloween is at the door and thus for many the time to dress up. A good disguise naturally also includes a carefully made-up face. Whether you choose the clown, the vampire or perhaps also the ladybird, only the right make-up makes the disguise perfect. In the trade mainly fat-soluble products on basis of mineral waxes, […]


Animal testing and alternative methods

Since 2004 cosmetic products related to animal experiments are prohibited in the EU. If the safety of an ingredient has been proven in an animal experiment, the article may not be marketed in the EU. This was not too difficult for the German cosmetics industry, which has voluntarily abandoned animal testing since 1989. There was […]


Alcohol denate in cosmetic products – The bitter poison

In this article we explain what alcohol denate is all about – an ingredient often found in cosmetic products. Why alcohol is useful in cosmetics Alcohol is first of all the pure chemical ethanol. This substance has many useful properties that the cosmetics industry makes use of: extracts from the respective plants can be extracted […]