Meine Wohnung

In my Flat

Ein gutes Raumklima ist entscheidend für das Wohlbefinden

 Our own four walls create the space around which our lives are centered. What happens when chemical substances ruin the harmony of your home? My-lab International can help you to recognize possible dangers. This includes all the things to be found around us – everything from the four walls to household appliances and cosmetics articles.

Mylab Laboranalysen für Unternehmen The rooms

Verschiedene flüchtige Stoffe können zu einem Unwohlsein führen

Possible contaminants can include such things as solvents, poisononous wood preservatives, formaldehyde or mold. Many of these substances cannot be seen by the naked eye. They can be released by furniture, rugs, wood or damp walls. There are different ways of approaching this problem. In the case of a diffuse complaint such as an allergy, headaches or difficulties in breathing without any knowledge of the reason, a dust or air analysis may indicate a cause.  Gas emissions  or abrasion sending dust into the air may be the reason. Under the heading „Analyses“ you can find detailed information about taking samples and carrying out tests. If you have a concrete idea of the cause, you can send the material to us for testing.

Mylab Laboranalysen für Unternehmen Household Appliances and Utensils

It is especially important that particles from kitchen appliances and artificial materials do not get mixed in with foodstuffs. Possible contaminants include heavy metals, softeners, unapproved food dyes or other chemicals.

Mylab Laboranalysen für Unternehmen Clothing, Textiles and Leather Goods

Schadstoffe in Schuhen und Kleidung

Clothing is another area for concern. After all, we wear it directly on our skin. Possible dangers are created by biocides (especially in outdoor clothing), Chrome 6, insecticides in wool and cotton, and other chemicals.