Dangerous germs in dog and cat food

Last updated: 15. July 2021

Raw meat for dogs and cats can contain dangerous germs, dangerous for animals, but even more dangerous for humans.

In the scientific publication by Freek van Bree and his team (<span=”highwire-cite-metadata-volume highwire-cite-metadata”=””>182 <span=”highwire-cite-metadata-pages highwire-cite-metadata”=””>50; </span=”highwire-cite-metadata-pages></span=”highwire-cite-metadata-volume. Recent studies show that enterobacteria often pose a danger.

A microbiological test of raw meat, frozen or fresh, can make the risk more calculable.

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my-lab analysis: Enterobacteriaceae analysis in food

microbiology: Enterobacteriaceae analysis in food


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my-lab analysis: Coliforms in food

Microbiology: Coliforms in food


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my-lab analysis: e. coli in food

microbiology: e. coli in food


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my-lab analysis: Listeria monocytogenes in food

microbiology: Listeria monocytogenes in food


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