Raw meat for dogs and cats can contain dangerous germs, dangerous for animals, but even more dangerous for humans.

In the scientific publication by Freek van Bree and his team (<span=”highwire-cite-metadata-volume highwire-cite-metadata”=””>182 <span=”highwire-cite-metadata-pages highwire-cite-metadata”=””>50; </span=”highwire-cite-metadata-pages></span=”highwire-cite-metadata-volume. Recent studies show that enterobacteria often pose a danger.

A microbiological test of raw meat, frozen or fresh, can make the risk more calculable.

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my-lab analysis: Enterobacteriaceae analysis in food

microbiology: Enterobacteriaceae analysis in food


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my-lab analysis: Coliforms in food

Microbiology: Coliforms in food


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my-lab analysis: e. coli in food

microbiology: e. coli in food


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my-lab analysis: Listeria monocytogenes in food

microbiology: Listeria monocytogenes in food


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