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Dangerous germs in dog and cat food

Raw meat for dogs and cats can contain dangerous germs, dangerous for animals, but even more dangerous for humans. In the scientific publication by Freek van Bree and his team (Veterinary Record Jan 2018, <span=”highwire-cite-metadata-volume highwire-cite-metadata”=””>182 (2) <span=”highwire-cite-metadata-pages highwire-cite-metadata”=””>50; DOI:span> 10.1136/fr.104535) the authors report positive findings of E. coli and other antibiotic-resistant coli bacteria, listeria […]


Insects as food

Insects as food In many other crops, insects are a natural part of the diet, especially in Asia, Africa or South America. In Europe, the issue is still being viewed with suspicion, but interest is growing. The first companies dare to enter the market with insect products. A good reason to take a closer look […]


Allergen labelling of foods

my-lab’s allergen labelling service and our analyses for the detection of allergens can be found here. The number of food intolerances is constantly increasing. Since 2014, 14 product groups must be labelled on prepackages, menu cards and loose goods. The labelling of allergens is not only legally prescribed, but is also absolutely necessary for allergy […]


softener – information, analysis, sources

softeners They can be found in plastic toys, plastic packaging, sealing materials, colored pencils, make-up articles or lacquers. In principle, everywhere where plastic is to be made smooth and elastic. Many plasticizers are not firmly bounded to the material by chemical bonds and therefore the chemicals might evaporate step by step. This is how they […]


Quality control of herbal tea

To order information Quality control of herbal tea The German Foundation “Warentest” repeatedly tested herbal teas and published the results (as of issue 04/2017). Unwanted substances such as anthraquinone, pyrrolizidine alkaloids (short PA) and pesticides continue to determine the scope of the test and their results. These pollutants are a knock-out criterion because they are […]


High quality standards at our network partners

My-lab International has brought together a network of specialized laboratories at its WEB portal. These labs are innovative and highly qualified for the analyses offered by my-lab. All our network partners are focussed on the reliability of their analysis results. This is demonstrated by a regular participation on laboratory proficiency tests. In our portal you will find […]



Packaging food stuffs is practical and important. Packaging protects food stuffs from germs, may help keep them fresh for longer periods of time, and allows preparation of defined amounts for the consumer. Can packaging become a problem? Quite apart from the ecological issues caused by ‘too much’ packaging or packaging made of plastics, it is […]


Flame retardants – useage, disposal, analysis

< HBCD and other flame retardants Some time ago we reported here on the challenges of disposing of polystyrene with integrated flame retardants. They are used for almost all combustible materials such as electrical appliances, carpets, upholstered furniture or facade insulation materials. From a health point of view, many fire protection agents are questionable. They […]


Food Labeling – A service of my-lab International

Eine fehlerhafte Kennzeichnung ist der häufigste Grund für eine Abmahnung von Lebensmittelproduzenten durch die Lebensmittelüberwachung. Die korrekte Kennzeichnung ist ein wichtiger Teil der Verkehrsfähigkeit.

my-lab international bietet die Zusammenstellung der rechtlich relevanten Punkte anhand der Rezeptur und die Überprüfung der Labels an.